Natasha Estanga
She is an artist convinced that no matter how many trends emerge on the horizon, but enriching contact between her art and the public, between complex creation of a transcendent piece of art and society where she shows an unique and unrepeatable ability, that, who knows her, knows that she has” —Octavio Russo (Venezuelan Painter)
Her paintings reflect the excitement of her life, but they have balance in cold and warm tones as unique blends that only she can do, Naty speaks very well the chromatic language in spite of being so young” —Nicolas Delort (Illustrator, Canadian. January, 2007 )
Estanga is the perfect result when a young person is dedicated to study what she is passionate about, devoting to live for what she studies and study to live for what she loves” —Pilar García (Curator of Latin American Art, Mexican)
Natasha has in her hands the power of making amazing the experience of creating the sketch lines, to the tones of oil, her thoughts are imaginative and fantastic, that makes her be able to use different trends in the same expression, she writes what she wants to paint and is constantly studying her way to create, that will give her a lot to paint for years, also... she throws that smile that moves you” —Oswaldo Vigas (Venezuelan Artist)
There is no authentic art without ideas that move it, but either without a thrill of a color, this conceptual necessity supports projects of modern art movement of Natasha Estanga Monserratty and offers a rationale, which is valid and authentic” —Alejandro Sánchez Baú (Professor of Art, Sculptor, Illustrator, Venezuelan)
(About Estanga awarded as Astha Art in Russia:) In brushwork of studied young people, will endure the art of whole Latin America, this young lady not only has the vision of depicting, but also the discipline to study and research past generations, Estanga is educated in her technique and her youth is a celebration to the courage of always trying something new” —Sophia Imber (Journalist. March, 2010)
She is who fatigue their days with the obsession to build an alternate world, she appropriates of symbolic data to populate the surface of her potential universe. Natasha Estanga Monserratty is a painter, lives back and forth as a good artist, and since childhood has lived on the site of canvas. She talks a lot. She paints feverishly as if life were insufficient as it this” —Rafael Arraiz Luca (Essayist, Poet and Historian, Venezuelan)
Natasha is simple despite being surrounded by all of us who are elderly and complex, she is adaptable to everything and that is reflected in her art, one of her paintings can be dedicated to me that I have 71 years old, or to my grandchildren that have only 15 years old...I definitely know she will surprise with her technique and in each of her exhibitions and new collections” —Mirtha Sileriviv (Curator and Art Collector, Russian)
When I saw her sketches I did not know her, I went to an exhibition at the MUNAL and I realized that her composition is flat, her strong strokes are complemented by creating a balance of color and lines. My biggest surprise was that she was a very young lady” —Oscar Sandoval (Mexican Artist)
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© 2022 Momentart, LLC. All rights reserved